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Outside in Human body

495.95 UAH495.95 UAH
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The book
The book "Outside in Human body"
Number of pages:20
Year of publication:
Format:84х108/16 (220x280 mm)
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The book "Outside in Human body"

Outside in Human body.

Что находится под вашей кожей? Вы когда-либо задавались вопросоми: как я могу дышать, куда идет моя еда, что происходит внутри моего мозга? Это книга из двух частей: в первой части показывается, что происходит в вашей голове, вторая исследует тело. Каждая страница содержит картинки разных частей тела, полна забавных фактов и описаний.

    What's under the skin you're in? Ever wondered, "How do I breathe?", "Where does my food go?", "What goes on inside my brain?" or "Why is my poo brown?" "Outside In Human Body" is an eye-popping, touchy-feely journey into the human body that reveal layer by layer how it works. This is a book of two halves - the first half shows you what goes on in your head, the second half explores the torso. Every page contains a cutaway of a different part of the body, and is full of fun facts, labels and descriptions, making learning about the eyes and ears, or the lungs, kidneys and heart not only interesting, but fun too! "Outside-In Human Body" is perfect to explore with your child or for them to discover on their own.

    With an amazing squidgy eye, colourful pictures and lift-up flaps their questions about the human body will be answered in style. Plus, there's a fold-out poster that shows a complete body so children can understand how the different parts fit together. Get under your skin with "Outside-In Human Body".

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