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Audiobooks. What is it?

Audiobooks - it sounded and recorded on the storage media (CD, DVD-ROM, magnetic tape, etc.) literary works, in the record which involve actors, directors, sound engineers and other specialists. Audiobooks can be with music and noise accompaniment or without it. Audiobook - a unique product, because He is a product of two independent markets - the book and market multimedia products.

Audiobooks. Why do they need?

There are two causes of audiobooks. First, to read a regular book needed more or less comfortable conditions, good vision and illumination, and audiobooks you can listen to almost any conditions:

  • during breakfast, walks, classes in the gym;
  • on the way to and from work, in public transport;
  • during class household;
  • for the development of your children;
  • in your car (especially while waiting in traffic jams, while traveling long distances).

Second, good performance can bring to you such nuances of the book, which you do not pay attention. Sometimes reading a book or listen to actors reading are different as well as reading music from a live musical performance.

Audiobooks. Who needs them?

Everyone who does not want to waste time, and use it for recreation, entertainment, improve their cultural level. In our opinion, especially, they need:

  • Drivers. Why waste time when time for travel to and from work, you can "read" humorous bestsellers by Ilf and Petrov, Jaroslav Hasek, or Jerome K. Jerome, and also enjoy the novels of Pushkin, Bulgakov, Dostoevsky, and others Audiobook indispensable for expectations in traffic jams, travel to other cities.
  • parents and children. You want your child growing and developing, then this will help you audioskazki for children. The list is big enough that you can pick up something just for your "offspring." Well, if your child is under age, and you often walk with him in a wheelchair in the fresh air, then the audio book will help you more to spend this time.
  • housewives. How many hours a day do you spend on cleaning, cooking or washing dishes? Two to three hours, and sometimes even more? Days go by, time is flying, adding nothing to the mind or heart. Meanwhile, all this time you can spend listening to detective stories, or your favorite classics.
  • People with visual impairments and risk groups. You can give the audio book to your parents - let their eyes rest. Yes, and you alone - if you worked all day with computers or documents - does not interfere with care of your vision.

If you want to get your son or daughter to read - try to insert their player audiobook: reading aloud is closer to a normal conversation and easily comprehended.

If you do not have time to read - you can always find the time to listen, because we spend so much time on the road, cleaning or other routine work, during which you can enjoy a book.

Audiobooks. Where are they sold?

The demand for audio books from buyers with more each day. Audio books now in demand. They successfully sold in bookstores and networks, in stores disk products and internet shops all over Ukraine. We sell audio books in our specialized online store more than 5 years old and ready to share experiences on how and what is sold.

Audiobooks. How do we know whether they are needed in your shop?

Have you been engaged in the sale of the book (disk) products in a retail store and have not tried (tried for a long time) to put on the trading floor audiobooks. Lately you are thinking about expanding product lines, including about audiobooks to improve profits, but you have doubts:

Doubt 1. Audiobooks not be sold.

Audio books have proven to be a stable, growing for 5 years commodity group. Sales of audio books has increased 10 times in the last 5 years! Major metropolitan and regional books, and multimedia stores have separate sections with a selection of audio books from 200 to 500 names. In these stores developed a special relationship to the audiobook: their place in a well-traversed ground shop floor, they spread systemically to the authors alphabetically and by genre, constantly monitor the flow of new products and top audiobooks, they recommend to customers, assisting with every purchase. This leads to high sales and quick turnover. It is not difficult to make a correct conclusion: both will be sold to an audiobook - a new still for you (and buyers) trade group in many respects, depends on you.

Doubt 2. I have no space for audiobooks.

Audiobooks - Compact Disc products, even for a good range (300-700 titles) do not need much space. Good decision - to put audiobooks on a rotating rack of open access. Rack size - 30h160 cm, capacity - not less than 150 discs. Open access will help the buyer with a choice of bad friend, until the goods.

Doubt 3. If you will be selling audiobooks, sales of printed books will fall.

Long-term investigations show the market: sales of audiobooks, does not affect the sales of conventional books because they are two different almost no overlapping markets, which have on each other synergies.

Doubt 4. I do not understand audiobooks and do not know where to start.

To begin working with an audiobook you can call or write us. We can advise you on the top-end assortment of fashion innovations, and placement of the equipment on the trading floor. If something "podvisnet", as agreed, we can make the exchange.

Audiobooks. How to start?

Sales tel.:(063) 242-27-04; - Anton.
Company AudioPlaneta - one of the leading wholesale suppliers of audio books on the Ukrainian market, experience of more than 5 years.