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When you purchase goods at 1000 UAH. and more - delivery is FREE!
Delivery in Kyiv from 1000 UAH. Nova poshta and Ukrposhta to Ukraine from 1000 UAH - provided payment order for the account or card.
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Discounts store proposes discount system for regular customers. The total cost of the purchased items, starting with the first purchase, is summed up. It does not take into account the cost of delivery, as well as the amount of canceled orders.

Attention teachers, parents and students! You can use the discount to collective purchase of textbooks in our store. Discount begins with a 3% is possible when buying worth more than 2000 UAH. For details, please call: (050) 1336651, (063) 2422704, (067) 7182112 - Anton.

To start using the discount system, you only need to register on our website and make purchases totaling more than 500 UAH. (excluding shipping charges).

you have registered with us in the shop and made their first order for 150 UAH. (20 of which UAH. shipping costs). Once we receive notice from the shipping department that the order is delivered to the addressee and paid for - the order status is "delivered" and put on your balance amount of the order excluding delivery - 130 UAH.
When you make a second order for 450 USD. (excluding shipping charges) and we will deliver the order status "delivered" - you will get 450 UAH. to your balance. Total amount on your balance will make 580 UAH. and the system will automatically activate your discount of 3%. Later in the same spirit.
You also can book through your login / password goods to friends, acquaintances and relatives, thereby increasing the percentage discount.
Important! When ordering, you should ALWAYS enter your login information (username / password), because our system is, unfortunately, still does not recognize all of our clients in person :)

Your discount if the amount on the balance sheet:

  • 3% - if the total amount of your purchases more 500UAH;
  • 5% - if the total amount of your purchases more 2000 UAH;
  • 7% - if the total amount of your purchases more 7500 UAH;
  • 10% - if the total amount of your purchases more 15000 UAH.

If you want to take this opportunity, register, please, on the site and make purchases only after as logged in.

If you make a reservation by phone, our manager can enter your details and register you by phone. In this case, please specify, the manager of the receiving order your login / password. If you prefer, you can personally change given to you login and password on our website in the online mode.