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Make your own stegosaurus

395.95 UAH395.95 UAH
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The book
The book "Make your own stegosaurus"
Number of pages:32
Year of publication:
Format:60х90/8 (226x280 mm)
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The book "Make your own stegosaurus"

Make your own stegosaurus.

Если у вас возникло желание облагородить свой приусадебный участок, без этого иллюстрированного практического пособия вам не обойтись! Автор, один из самых опытных ландшафтных дизайнеров Европы и США, познакомит вас с основными принципами обустройства сада и наиболее значимыми элементами ландшафтного дизайна, даст советы по выбору растений и предложит легкие в воплощении проекты с пошаговыми инструкциями их реализации.

    You can create your very own dinosaur with no glue and no mess. It's just what every dinosaur fan wants - your very own Stegosaurus! With Make Your Own Stegosaurus you can become an expert paleontologist and build your own dinosaur. no glue and no mess here - 100 sturdy bones slot together to make an amazing Stegosaurus skeleton that stands at an impressive 60 centimetres long and 35 centimetres tall. A brilliant book jam-packed with facts tells you all about dinosaur behaviour, the world they lived in and provides clear step-by-step picture instructions of how to build your amazing model. Each section of the book looks at a different part of the mighty Stegosaurus as you piece the skeleton together - his feet and legs, head, hips, tail, ribs and last but not least, his impressive spine and armour plates.

    So put those bones together, watch out for those plates and head back to the Late Jurassic period with Make Your Own Stegosaurus.

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